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KTA innov'challenge edition 4: the final.

It is in a relaxed and enthusiastic atmosphere that the lucky finalists of the 4th edition of the KTA innov'challenge arrived this Saturday, June 06, 2020 in the mythical #Christina_Event_room located at the cradat crossroads in Yaounde...

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KTA Sarl equips its talents with new skills

At the initiative of KTA Kamerun Sarl and under the sponsorship of its parent company the NgC GmbH installed in Germany, a seminar was organized from Monday June 10 to Friday June 14, 2019 in the classroom Guiko hotel party in Yaoundé. It brought together nearly fifty students and workers in the ICT field who came localities, Douala, Ngaoundéré, Buéa, Yaoundé ...

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Bonanjo's Party House vibrated to the rhythm of digital Design

The second edition of KTA INNOV'CHALLENGE ended with a gala evening held on Saturday January 26 2019 at the mythical village hall of the Bonanjo party house. This sparkling event, which mixed celebrations and various events was held during a sumptuous dinner offered by the KTA Kamerun Sarl.

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Call for applications

The KTA launches, within the framework of its activities, in particular the realization of its projects, a call for candidates for the recruitment, of several computer specialists, roboticists / specialized electronics ...

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The challenge for the KTA INNOV'CHALLENGE

This theme was retained following the observation made by the KTA on the lack of skills in the field of innovative aesthetic design for sustainable digitization. Design in the current context occupies a important place in the marketing of a product hence its interest for designers and developers applications.

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